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Hand dyeing is simple and fun, requiring only basic household equipment. We supply a range of dyes including Kool Aid dyes, Acid dyes, Procion MX (synthetic) dyes and Earthues and Hue & Dye natural dye extracts as well as fixers, mordants and colour modifiers. If you are new to dyeing, we have produced starter kits for all of our dye ranges which contain dyes, fixers and full instructions.

Not sure which dyes are best for you? Please click here for our quick guide to choosing which dye to use

Click here to read our introduction to hand dyeing

Please click here for Kool Aid dyes

Kool Aid dyes and Kool Aid dyeing kits

Our Kool Aid dyes are ideal for all animal fibres (wools etc.) and are very easy to use. Our Kool Aid dyeing project kits even include yarn and a knitting pattern and are a fun way to start your colour adventure!

Please click here for our range of acid dyes, dye starter kits and fixers

Hue & Dye acid dyes and fixers

For those looking to dye animal (protein) fibres our versatile Hue & Dye acid dyes are a cost effective way to achieve a fabulous range of shades. Our acid dyes use a hot water dyeing method and can be used with all natural protein fibres. Our acid dye starter kits are a great way to get started.

Please click here for Procion dyes and fixers

Procion dyes and fixers

For those looking to dye animal and plant fibres our versatile Procion dyes offer a fantastic range of shades. Procion dyes are suitable for both hot and cold water dyeing of all natural fibres and our Procion dye starter kits are an ideal introduction to hand dyeing.


Natural dye extracts, natural dyestuffs, mordants and colour modifiers
***New natural dye extracts and raw natural dyestuffs in stock now***

As well as our own Hue & Dye natural dye extracts we also stock Earthues and Botanical Colors natural dye extracts including Saxon Blue - Liquid Indigo! Our natural dyeing starter kits are suitable for beginners or more advanced dyers

New product!
Please click here to buy mordants (fixers), colour modifiers and dyeing assistants for use with natural dyes, Procion dyes and acid dyes

Mordants (fixers), colour modifiers and dyeing assistants for use with natural dyes, Procion dyes and acid dyes

The mordants and colour modifiers we supply can be used with Earthues dye extracts, our own Hue & Dye natural dye extracts as well as any natural dyes and natural dyeing techniques and are suitable for use with all natural yarns and fibres. We also supply fixers for use with Procion dyes and acid dyes. Our dyeing assistants include Manutex, Synthrapol, urea and gum tragacanth.

Please click here for Dye-It-Yourself project kits

Dye-It-Yourself project kits

Our Dye-It-Yourself project kits include dyes, fixers, beautiful natural yarns and a knitting or crochet pattern making them great gifts for new dyers.

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