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Natural dyes

Natural dye extracts - individual dyes ***NEW EXTRACTS IN STOCK NOW***

Natural dye extracts are suitable for use with both animal fibres and plant fibres and can be used on yarn, fabric, fleece, tops, felt, silk, mawata caps etc. Natural dye extracts are suitable for use with all natural fibres but not man-made or synthetic yarns and fabrics. Natural dye extracts give an excellent range of fully intermixeable shades and can be used for a wide variety of dyeing techniques, including rainbow dyeing, yarn painting, ikat and tie-dye.

Please note that Indigo extract cannot be used for rainbow dyeing and a vat-dye method should be used. If you have any questions about Indigo dyeing please contact us

Natural dye extracts can be successfully mordanted with alum or aluminium acetate (used in food production). Used on their own or combined with our native plants, they really are an invaluable addition to any natural dyer's dyestuff cupboard.

Please note that the colours shown are for guidance only. The colours obtained from a dye will vary with the strength of the dye solution, the mordant used and the type of yarn being dyed. Colour modifiers can also be used to change the shade achieved with the same dyestuff. If you are unsure of which dyes you will need to achieve a particular effect please contact us for further information and guidance.

To order any dye online please click the Add to Cart button. To check the contents of your shopping basket at any time please click the View Cart button at the bottom of the page.

Acacia extract

  • 20g £2.00 [item code DY341]

Brazilwood extract

  • 10g £6.80 [item code DY332]
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Chestnut extract

  • 20g £2.40 [item code DY339]
Hue & Dye logoNew product!
Hue & Dye  Cochineal

Cochineal extract

  • 10g £8.70 [item code DY331]
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Hue & Dye Coreopsis natural dye extract


  • 20g £7.90 [item code DY312]
Hue & Dye logo

Cutch extract

  • 20g £3.30 [item code DY335]
Hue & Dye logo

Fustic extract

  • 10g £6.70 [item code DY333]
Hue & Dye logo


  • 20g £7.90 [item code DY326]
Hue & Dye logo


  • 20g £5.50 [item code DY334]
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Botanical Colors Lac extract

Lac extract

  • 20g £6.10 [item code DY603]
Botanical Colors logo

Logwood Purple

  • 20g £9.10 [item code DY325]
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  • 20g £6.90 [item code DY601]
Botanical Colors logo

Hue & Dye Myrobalan natural dye extract


  • 20g £2.70 [item code DY322]
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Hue & Dye Persian Berries natural dye extract

Persian Berries

  • 10g £5.10 [item code DY336]
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Earthues Pomegranate extract

Pomegranate extract

  • 20g £3.20 [item code DY212]
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Botanical Colors  Quebracho Red extract

Quebracho Red extract

  • 20g £3.10 [item code DY602]
Botanical Colors logo

Rhubarb Powder

  • 10g £4.60 [item code DY337]
Hue & Dye logoNew product!

Hue & Dye Sorghoum natural dye extract


  • 10g £6.10 [item code DY317]
Hue & Dye logo

Tannin extract

  • 20g £2.70 [item code DY214]
earthues logo

Hue & Dye Valonia Oak natural dye extract

Valonia Oak

  • 20g £2.10 [item code DY320]
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  • 20g £2.60 [item code DY338]
Hue & Dye logo


  • 10g £5.10 [item code DY330]
Hue & Dye logo


  • 10g £8.90 [item code DY340]
Limited stock now available!
Hue & Dye logoNew product!
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To check the contents of your shopping basket at any time please click the View Basket button

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