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Procion MX dyes

Hand-dyeing of yarn is simple and fun, requiring only basic household equipment. If you have not used Procion MX dyes before we would recommend that you start by purchasing one of our starter kits which include dyes, fixers for both animal and plant fibres and full instructions. Alternatively our Kool Aid hand dyeing kit includes six dyes, wool and a knitting pattern and is an ideal all-in-one introduction to the world of hand dyeing. For more in-depth information on hand-dyeing techniques we would recommend Debbie's book Hand-dyed Yarn Craft Projects available from our Books section.

Click here to read our introduction to hand-dyeing with Procion MX dyes

Click here for more inforamtion or to order Procion dye starter kits

Starter kits ***Now with twice as much dye! ***

Our Procion dye starter kits are an ideal introduction to hand-dyeing

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Our palette of Procion dyes suitable for both hot and cold water dyeing of all natural fibres

Click here to order fixers for Procion dyes

Fixers for Procion MX dyes

We stock Citric Acid as a fixer for animal (protein) fibres and Sodium Carbonate as a fixer for plant (cellulose) fibres to make Procion MX dyes colourfast

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