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If you have not used Procion MX dyes before we would recommend that you start by purchasing one of our hand dyeing starter kits which include dyes, fixers for both animal and plant fibres, an accessory pack and full instructions. For more in-depth information on hand-dyeing techniques we would recommend Debbie's book Hand-dyed Yarn Craft Projects available from our Books section.

We stock Procion MX dyes which are suitable for use with both animal fibres (hot method) and plant fibres (cold method). Procion dyes can be used on yarn, fabric, fleece, tops, felt, silk, mawata caps etc. They are suitable for use with all natural fibres but not man-made or synthetic yarns and fabrics.

Please note that the colours shown are for guidance only (for a larger image of the dye colour click on the picture). The colours obtained from a dye will vary with the strength of the dye solution and the type of yarn being dyed. If you are unsure of which dyes you will need to achieve a particular effect please contact us for further information and guidance.

To order any dye online please click the Add to Cart button. To check the contents of your shopping basket at any time please click the View Cart button at the bottom of the page. To order fixers click here

Scarlet red

Scarlet red

  • 10g £2.75 [item code DY001X]
  • 25g £4.50 [item code DY001P]
Flaming red

Flaming red

  • 10g £2.75 [item code DY014X]
  • 25g £4.50 [item code DY014P]
Brilliant orange

Brilliant orange

  • 10g £2.75 [item code DY003X]
  • 25g £4.50 [item code DY003P]
Lemon yellow

Lemon yellow

  • 10g £2.75 [item code DY004X]
  • 25g £4.50 [item code DY004P]
Brilliant emerald

Brilliant emerald

  • 10g £2.75 [item code DY005X]
  • 25g £4.50 [item code DY005P]
Bottle Green

Bottle Green

  • 10g £2.75 [item code DY015X]
  • 25g £4.50 [item code DY015P]
Bright turquoise

Bright turquoise

  • 10g £2.75 [item code DY006X]
  • 25g £4.50 [item code DY006P]
Royal blue

Royal blue

  • 10g £2.75 [item code DY008X]
  • 25g £4.50 [item code DY008P]
Brilliant pink

Brilliant pink

  • 10g £2.75 [item code DY009X]
  • 25g £4.50 [item code DY009P]
Deep purple

Deep purple

  • 10g £2.75 [item code DY010X]
  • 25g £4.50 [item code DY010P]
Dark brown

Rich brown

  • 10g £2.75 [item code DY016X]
  • 25g £4.50 [item code DY016P]


  • 10g £2.75 [item code DY012X]
  • 25g £4.50 [item code DY012P]
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To check the contents of your shopping basket at any time please click the View Cart button

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