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Hand dyeing equipment

For dyeing assistants, fixers, mordants and colour modifiers please click here

Pocket Colour Wheel

Pocket Colour Wheel

  • 3.80 [item code EQ021]
Pocket Guide To Colour Mixing

Pocket Guide To Mixing Colour

Please note: the Pocket Guide To Mixing Colour is intended as a supplement to the Colour Wheel [sold separately as EQ021]
  • 4.50 [item code EQ022]

Plastic dropper pipette (3ml)

  • 0.20 [item code EQ028]

Syringe (10ml)

  • 0.90 [item code EQ016]

Syringe (60ml)

  • 1.60[item code EQ002]

Set of four measuring spoons (plastic: 2.5/5/10/15ml)

  • 2.50 [item code EQ004]

Set of four measuring spoons (metal: 1.25/2.5/5/15ml)

  • 4.00 [item code EQ005]

Measuring spoon (plastic: 2.5/5ml)

  • 0.20 [item code EQ006]

Stirrer (wood)

  • 0.70 [item code EQ008]

Universal indicator strips (pH1.0 -14.0) (book of 20)

  • 1.30 [item code EQ018]
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