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Dye-It-Yourself project kits

Our Procion Dye-It-Yourself project kits include your choice of dye colours, fixer, yarn, accessory pack (gloves, apron, measuring spoon), full instructions and the knitting or crochet pattern to complete your project. Our stitched card kits include two cards, envelopes and two specially designed stitch charts.

Click here to read our brief introduction to Procion hand-dyeing with Procion dyes

We also produce a range of project kits using Kool Aid dyes - please click here for more details

The February 2007 issue of Knit Today magazine gave our Procion Dye-It-Yourself project kits their "We Love This!" seal of approval. For more details click here to see our news section Knit Today magazine 'We Love This!' seal of approval
Dye-it-yourself knitted project kits

Procion Dye-It-Yourself knitted project kits

Colourful woolly scarf, tasselled wool hat, rustic floor cushion, Afghan blanket in patchwork squares, super chunky child's jumper, cotton carrier bag, winter warmer throw...

Dye-it-yourself crocheted project kits

Procion Dye-It-Yourself crocheted project kits

Ultrawarm Chenille scarf, sleeveless top in wild Thai silk, beaded wrist purse, elegant evening bag, sunhat in textured bouclé cotton, mobile phone holster...

Dye-it-yourself stitched card kits

Procion Dye-It-Yourself stitched card kits

Kool Aid Dye-It-Yourself project kits

Kool Aid Dye-It-Yourself project kits

Hippy Chick headband, No Hassle tasselled hat, Knit 'n' Go! felted knit sack, Flutterby felted sock stasher, Jacobs Laddder toe up socks, Groovy ribbed socks, Funky knit mitts and wristlets...

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